Tess Kossow

2021 Indianapolis Woman of Impact

2022 Offical Guest Speaker with Indianapolis Go Red for Women Kickoff

In collaboration with the American Heart Association

Go Red for Women

“Not all scars need to be concealed;
some need to be displayed
to remind everyone of the battles you have survived –
that you’re at heart still a warrior,
who never gives up
– Kiran Acharya

On October 10, 2020, I was diagnosed with heart disease.

It came out of nowhere.

I had no pre-existing conditions.

And I died…but was resuscitated with CPR, defibrillation shock paddles, and a ventilator while recovering in a drug induced coma.

I now live with an internal defibrillator and have no damage to my brain, heart, or nervous system.

A medical mystery.

This is my story.

One Woman Overcame Cardiac Arrest and Became a Health Advocate

Tess Kossow shares her personal journey after her sudden cardiac arrest, and also gives tips on what you should do to look after your heart.

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Name: Tess Kossow Pronouns : she/her Instagram handle: @ tesskossow . Kid(s) name/age: My son’s name is Ferris, and he is 3 years old. Official work title and company: I am an author and advocate. I have my own business. Where you live: I live in Carmel, Indiana Tell us more about

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