IVF and Birth Control

As you may remember from the last post, I recently pulled out my custom, homemade IVF binder that I created once upon a time ago to tract everything I was going through.  Kind of like the wedding binder I made myself, but now for how to have a baby (the Monica Geller...

Moms vs Me

Mom 1: “Congratulations! I saw your gender reveal! It’s a boy!” Mom 2: “Yes, now we have one of each. We are done!” Mom 3: “Well, it took us three times to finally get our girl. If she had been a boy, I think we would have tried a fourth.” Mom 4: “I am happy with...

Tess’s Story

Tess’s StoryI never thought becoming a parent would be hard.

Every Now And Then Life Stops You In Its Path

Life is a thrill ride.  Every day, I believe we get up, we strap ourselves into our seats, we think we know the track we are about to ride, and yet, we have no idea how the end will be.   Have I mentioned that I love roller coasters?   We recently got a...

Tess Kossow Interview

Tess Kossow Interview – IVF and WritingHow did the author learn about in vitro fertilization? What special memories does she have about time she was in labor with Ferris? Why did she and her husband choose such an unusual name for their son? How many books will...

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