“I can’t wait to read it to my boys! I also love so much that they will have this book to let them know what we went through to get them here! It really is such a brilliant idea!”

– Jennifer Hanks

“What a well thought out book, a real life event, where emotions can be felt for the journey of the parents of little ‘Ferris’, that can resonate to every reader, compact into a book with wonderful animations that will relate to any child. So looking forward to the rest of the series”

–  Shashi Kerai (Owner)
Primrose School of St. Charles West

“Two of my nieces are having babies in the spring. I thought “I’m Very Ferris” was a fabulous book to add to their libraries. The book is very easy to read and colorful. It’s a great story to help little ones know how special they are.”  

– Donna

“I conceived my children through in vitro so this book has a special place in my heart.“

– Dana

I’m Very Ferris is an inspiration to parent’s around the world! Whether you have experienced infertility or have been fortunate to not, I’m Very Ferris is a great opportunity to educate your child on the challenges that we face in the world and how with love and science, becoming a parent is possible! Great work!”

– DK

“So glad that there’s finally a book on IVF and love that this can be gifted for anything! I love reading I’m very ferris to my son who is 16 months! He enjoys looking at the pictures and pointing at the different characters and knowing them personally is a bonus!”

– Jenny Yi

“Great book; my grandson & I enjoyed it so much. He asks questions, and I feel we both learn something while enjoying our reading time. Hope you share with a young person.”

– Sherry K.

“A wonderful little story about Ferris – his parents used IVF to conceive him! It’s cute, my kiddos liked it, and it made them understand a little bit more of what I do (I run an IVF practice) going to be watching to see what else is to come from this new author!”

– Melissa P.

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