I once watched some of a documentary about the “business of birth.”    And I remember overhearing an old co-worker say “don’t look at the grand total when you deliver.”


I get it. It costs a lot to deliver a baby.


Then once you bring the little bundle-of-joy home, there are all the expenses of raising a baby.  Diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, clothes, toys, bedding, car seats, strollers, bags, etc. to infinity and beyond.


I get it.  It costs a lot to care for a baby.


And then the bundle-of-joy grows up.  School, doctor’s appointments, sports, music, friends, clothes, food, carpooling, etc. etc. etc.


I get it.  It costs a lot to raise a baby.


Little did I know it costs a lot to make a baby.


I am not going to get into specifics because really, who am I to tell you what it will exactly cost to go through In vitro fertilization (IVF).


What I will do is gently reflect upon my own experience, and how blessed we were to go through this one time and have it work on the last chance we had.


There were initial visit costs.  Blood test costs.  Pills and medication costs.  Surgeries and anxiety costs.  Needles and pharmacy costs.  Dietary restriction costs.  Changing-the-products-I-put-on-my-body costs.  Transportation to and from costs.  Sleep deprivation costs.  Late arrivals and early dismissals from work costs.  Laboratory costs.  Freezer costs.  Pain medication costs.  Relationship costs.  Retrieval costs and transfer costs.  Monitoring costs.  Phone costs.  Internet costs.


Miscarriage costs.


And the final cost…congratulations., “the HCG tripled” cost.


Insurance played a tremendously huge portion of IVF being attainable for Dan and I.  But, we would be bluffing if we didn’t say that it was a huge risk on us and a big hit on our wallets for the portions that were not covered.


Was it worth it?


I lose my breath thinking about life if we had gone a different route.

If I had been selfish and too scared to sacrifice my body for this amazing little creature to happen.


I would give up everything I have for another moment with Ferris Jobs.

And there was no promise of life.  There are no refunds with IVF.  There are no guarantees of multiple births.


My Angel Baby will tell you that, as Angel Baby is looking over Ferris with a watchful wing.


So for all the men and women considering IVF, is it  “expensive”?




Will it be worth it even if you don’t know the outcome?




Because life was meant to be lived.  IVF gave Ferris life.


And I now get it…it’s priceless to love a baby.