Life is a thrill ride.  Every day, I believe we get up, we strap ourselves into our seats, we think we know the track we are about to ride, and yet, we have no idea how the end will be.


Have I mentioned that I love roller coasters?


We recently got a kitten.  The entire family dynamic seemed to change within a few days.  This little Siamese kitten, appropriately named James Bond, is the happiest of kitties.  Ferris absolutely loves him, Dan is not allergic to him, and I think he is the perfect addition to completing the Kossow household.


And then there is Mr. Big…our 10 year old toy Maltese.


For the first two days, Mr. Big was not having our newest family member.  He was stressed out; he was barking and had to sleep in another room.  But on day three, I decided to see what the worst could happen if Mr. Big and James Bond met eye to eye.  So I let Mr. Big be free to roam the land that was once all his, aka our house, and all it took was one swipe of James Bond’s paw to Mr. Big, and suddenly Mr. Big backed down.


Mr. Big is my fur-baby.  He is my first dog and has the most special of places in my heart.  I don’t know what I would do without him to come home to every day.  As many already know, Mr. Big is always with me in my office when I am working.


He is the best a dog can be.


Recently Mr. Big has undergone some major surgeries to help correct some health issues that snuck up out of nowhere.  It was series stuff, to say the least.  When we were finally able to bring Mr. Big back home, it was interesting how James Bond started to act around him.  Suddenly the two fur-babies were more chill and relaxed.  They still like to play, but it was as if James Bond knew that Mr. Big was sick and needed to rest in order to chase each other again.


Then one day, out of nowhere, I walked out of the bathroom and for the first time, saw James Bond snuggling beside Mr. Big in his bed.


I was able to capture the moment, as no one would believe me if I didn’t have proof.  Two complete strangers forming a brotherly bond within 10 days.  Randy Newman’s “You’ve Got A Friend in Me” immediately started playing in my head.


The special bonds that I have formed with women and men I have met after going through infertility and IVF reminds me of Mr. Big and James Bond.  Before infertility, my life was in a completely different place.  It was all about me and my city job and only having to worry about Dan and myself.


And then I was diagnosed with infertility, and I went through a miscarriage, and then was blessed with Ferris through IVF, and now have my own company.  The relationships I have formed in this next stage of my life makes me realize that there is so much more out there in the world that I now get to be a part of.  People who truly care about my well-being and me.  People who understand the pain and suffering of infertility and want to hold my hand.


People who want to sit beside me and just be for a while.


James Bond and Mr. Big may be a cat and dog to some, but for me, they are role models for what life can bring you and how to handle it.  Change is not a bad thing.  Sometimes, the best things come from the darkest moments of your life.


Infertility is just that.  There is a reason I was chosen to go through it and the rainbow at the other side truly makes me grateful to be that person.  That person who was told she couldn’t conceive without medical assistance.   That person who had one embryo left.  That person who is now helping others through a colorful children’s picture book.


And I am so damn lucky to say that person is me.