Tess Kossow

Fertility Consulting

Where Fertility Meets the Heart.

As a woman in her 30’s, I never thought I would be the mother of a son, conceived via IVF, my rainbow baby as I miscarried the first embryo transfer, to then be walking around with an internal defibrillator, and now diagnosed with heart disease and a survivor of sudden cardiac arrest.

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But my title is Mama, first and foremost, and every day, I appreciate how special that title truly is.

I want nothing more than for others to have a parent title, as well.  It’s challenging but rewarding, and if we are a good fit with coaching together, they can handle it.  They have the strength to get past, the hard to celebrate the happy, no matter what.

I am a certified coach.

And I help align dreams with reality.

So they can achieve parenthood where fertility meets the heart.

Download and email to coaching@tesskossow.com: Client Intake Form

Choose a consultation type

15-Minute Consultation


  • See if we would be a good fit for each other!
  • Understand what you are looking to achieve and what I can provide


90-Minute-Heart and Soul Session


  • Understand personal health and wellness route to achieving goals
  • Discuss physical and mental awareness
  • Look at past practices and results/struggles
  • Guidance for future course of action to achieve fertility strength and body positivity

*Zoom must be scheduled within 1 month of purchase.

3, Sixty Minute Sessions


  • Everything included in 90-minute heart and soul session
  • Food and exercise analysis
  • Mental and emotional check-ins
  • Understand doctor’s recommendations and courses of action
  • Review ART and what that entails, if necessary
  • Keeping heart health at the forefront of all discussions.

*Zooms must be scheduled within two months of purchase.

6, Sixty Minute Sessions


  • Everything included in 90-minute heart and soul session
  • Everything included in sixty-minute sessions
  • Signed book bundle of I’m Very Ferris

*Zooms must be scheduled within four months of purchase date.