If you want to change the world, start with yourself.  It’s not going to be easy.  Many will think you are wasting your time.  Some might even try and discourage you not to shake things up.


But, it’s those that dare to dream that the world remembers.


My children’s book on in vitro fertilization, I’m Very Ferris, is officially published.  Hardcopies and softcopies are real, tangible items and available for immediate purchase / shipping.


My heart be still.


I am my own toughest critic, anyone who knows me will tell you that.  And now that I run my own company, well, let’s say I am always movin’ and shakin’ things up.  My goal is to get this life-changing book, I’m Very Ferris, into the hands of as many families as possible.  In vitro fertilization is complicated.  It needs to be talked about.


And not just at the grownup’s table.


Children need to know about IVF and that it’s OK to ask questions.  Because if it is going on with someone they trust, knowing can help in so many ways.


Why the needles?


Why the surgeries?


Why all the appointments?


Why is this taking so long?


Why our family?


Let’s get the discussion going.


Let’s not shy away from a topic because some think it won’t happen to them or because it did not happen to them.


Let’s embrace change and the opportunity for life with the amazing medical science that lies before us.


There is now a book for children about in vitro fertilization.


And I’m Very Ferris is only the beginning.