I want to take a minute to write something a little off track for this post.  But stay with me, I will make it full circle, I promise you.


I want to pay respect to my role model:  Joy Mangano.


Now some of you have heard of her, others might be scratching their heads saying: “Who?”


Many who know me well know that I am the princess of online shopping.  I think it is one of the best concepts of saving time and sanity for the human race.  With that said, I am a huge fan of HSN (Home Shopping Network).  True story:  when I was in labor with Ferris, I managed to still complete a tester review online for HSN in return for a gift card!


Joy Mangano is the inventor of Miracle Mop, Huggable Hangers, and Forever Fragrance, just to name a few products.  Jennifer Lawrence portrayed her in the movie “Joy” and within the last few years, Mangano wrote a book called, “Inventing Joy.”


I bought a signed copy from HSN when the book was first published, and I was recently able to sit down and read it.  On many levels, I connect with this woman who, mind you, I have never met.  Professionally, financially, personally, and mentally, I sometimes have felt that there is finally someone out there who understands and who has been in similar life situations such as myself.


Joy did not have infertility.  In fact, one would think she had the complete opposite.  However, she is an invertor, someone who creates products that the world needs.  She inspires women to believe in themselves and not take no for an answer. No is never the end.  It is often a new beginning to collect resources and push harder than ever to get what you want.


As an author, an advocate, an entrepreneur, and a mama who experienced infertility, I see a new set of challenges in every move I make.  Is this worth my time and money?  Is this good for my family?  Is this the best move for me?  Why didn’t they like it?  What will make them come back?  What will make them stay?  How can I do better the next time?  How can I make sure I am providing value to a very opinionated society?


How do I find balance?


Infertility awareness is something I am very passionate about.  Because I know the subject and I feel the pain.  And the more I talk about it, the more I bring light and respect to something that even though I am done procreating, can help others who are trying to get started and are feeling things that I felt a few years ago.  And not everyone likes this very personal topic to be talked about so much.  Because it’s tough to swallow.  It’s raw, emotional pain that I bring up every.single.day.


I am not a doctor, and I am not an expert in IVF.


But I am a survivor.


I am a shoulder to lean on.


I am a woman to listen and understand.


I am there for you to help you find the strength to be open and loved with yourself and your life and your family, no matter how difficult the road was / is / can be to get there.


Joy Mangano, I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to shake your hand and thank you for giving me the courage to start my own company, take a risk with the unknown, and follow my dream of giving the world a product that I created and believe in.  But, may you know that I quote you often and think of you in a lot of my business and personal actions.  Role models come in all forms, and for me, you have been a voice of reason and determination as I continue to bring comfort and comprehension to a serious topic through the I’m Very Ferris series.


Because the world doesn’t owe me a thing.  It was here first, and I intend on showing my son what hard work, belief in oneself and one’s product, and passion for getting up in the morning can do to not only one life, but for more than I ever imagined.