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Tess Kossow Interview

Tess Kossow Interview – IVF and Writing

How did the author learn about in vitro fertilization? What special memories does she have about time she was in labor with Ferris? Why did she and her husband choose such an unusual name for their son? How many books will be in this series? And what advice does she have for authors?

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Lisa’s Writopia Writes a Review

Lisa's Writopia Writes a Review on I'm Very Ferris How much do you understand about in vitro fertilization? Today, I read all of the articles on Tess Kossow’s blog. All of them. From the frustration of not being able to become pregnant to the decision to make a huge...

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Infertility and Meddy Teddy

Infertility and Meddy Teddy

Life is complicated. Life is beautiful. Life is expecting the unexpected. Life is living moment-to-moment. I have always been a believer in the benefits of yoga. The ability to find oneself alone with Mother Earth and focus on breathing, inner and exterior strength, and seeking physical and mental calmness while

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March 2019 issue of West Suburban Living

Kids’ book explains IVF as told from child’s perspective

April cover of Eagle Brook Life

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