One of the hardest things about infertility is talking about it openly. So many people have no idea what infertility is and what the science and meaning behind it can be.

Often people who are uneducated or uninformed on the topic seem to think they have the answer to exactly why you and/or your partner have not conceived a baby yet.

And then there are those that simply want to ignore this diagnosis…because it did not happen to them. They are able to have their babies “naturally” (my face turning red as I type this) and are not interested in talking about anything else when it comes to “how to have a baby” or make a family.

It’s tough to swallow.

Remember, infertility happens to approximately 1 in 8 couples.

It’s my job as an advocate, as an author, and as someone who has gone through this first-hand to normalize the situation. I listen and read about things that have absolutely nothing to do with me every single day. Still I learn, and I process the information. It’s what makes me an intelligent, contributing member to society.

Not every topic is easy to discuss. Infertility is one of those subjects. Some people are embarrassed. Some think it is only to be talked about in the privacy of one’s home. Some people think it’s not for children to understand. Some people get too emotional and don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings with what they might or might not say.

Some people don’t believe that infertility is real.

My book series and I were recently accepted at a place of business but suddenly turned away when a few influential people didn’t like the message of my story and thought the I’m Very Ferris series wouldn’t do well since it wasn’t relevant to them.

Disappointment was putting it lightly.

At first I was crushed. Like an awkward breakup, when the other person is supposed to say, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Except they were breaking up with me by saying it was, “me, not them.”

Advocacy isn’t easy. Running a business isn’t an overnight success. Having someone say something hurtful about something close to the heart burns like nothing else.

But, I made a commitment to share the ups as well as the downs in infertility advocacy. And the truth is the sun will rise tomorrow, and I will march on committed to representing the fans of I’m Very Ferris and all the lives it touches behind it.

Because it’s all of us…me, you, and yes, them, too.