I recently joined a workout group in which I am able to take my son with me to class.  He stays in the stroller, and we are either outside or inside, weather making the ultimate decision, and I get a pretty intense workout while he gets to spend time with me and other mommies with their little ones.  It’s a brilliant idea and great training for me as I gear up for the marathon later this year.


After class the other day, I went to get my morning coffee.  As I was being handed the beverage, the employee said, “I like the ponytail.  You look like Lara Croft.”


Now I will be the first to admit, I know of the fictional character only from what I have seen on TV commercials.  I know nothing of the story line or what she does, only that I have an idea she is kick-ass tough and not someone you want on your bad side.


I took the comment as a compliment, and as I drove away with my son in the back, quiet and enjoying the sunlight warming us along, I couldn’t help but draw a connection between being kick-ass and going through IVF.


IVF has definitely made my body and mind stronger.  I enjoy being someone many women and families come to as they have questions or want to discuss IVF in one fashion or another.  I used to be someone who was frightened of needles and blood.  Now, it seems like the sight of needles is just a normal medical function that I should be prepared for, every time.  Our IVF transfer not working the first time for Dan and I made me understand that sometimes we don’t get what we want because there is something better out there for us.  Again, a tough statement to digest, but one that I frequently refer to, knowing my son is with me now.












Long hugs.


Kisses to make things better.


Unconditional love.


These are a sample of the words that truly are the new sexy in my life.

IVF has made me a different woman than I was before.  And I like this person better.


Because pain and disappointment have a place in this world.  These feelings remind us of what really matters, and how to look at life and be grateful.


IVF was never planned.  It was never something I hoped or wished for.  It wasn’t something I used to save up my paychecks to spend on.  But it was the best thing that medically ever happened to me.  It gave me the kick-ass strength and ability to have my son.


And he is the strongest, toughest, don’t-mess-with-me embryo I have ever met.