I recently overheard a conversation about a father who conceived his children with IVF but “doesn’t want them to ever know about it.”




Being an advocate for in vitro fertilization, I immediately tried to think like this person I was hearing about.


Was he embarrassed that he could not impregnate his spouse?


Was he ashamed he needed medical assistance to procreate?


Did he think he was messing with God’s / a higher power’s plan?


And then I tried to look at it from my husband’s point-of-view.


He was not embarrassed that we could not get pregnant naturally, as infertility effects 1 in 8 couples…that’s a lot.


He was not ashamed that he needed medical assistance to procreate because we live in the great United States of America with unbelievable medical advancements that allow people to start a family in many ways.


And lastly, he knew that our higher belief put intelligent people on this planet to make miracles happen.  Perhaps our God had this happen to us to test our love and belief and make the impossible, possible with faith, love, and science.


Men of IVF…this is not something to be hiding away from.


Everyone needs to be heard and becoming a dad means something different for everybody.  There is no one-way to become a father.


But, still, you are not alone.


If you’re a dad because of infertility treatments, speak up, and leave a comment below.  IVF is not only a topic for women, but for men.  I’m Very Ferris is meant to bring families together to educate themselves on a tough topic.


Because tough topics make the world stronger, and you, sir, are an IVF warrior!