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“I can’t wait to read it to my boys! I also love so much that they will have this book to let them know what we went through to get them here! It really is such a brilliant idea!”  

– Jennifer Hanks

“What a well thought out book, a real life event, where emotions can be felt for the journey of the parents of little ‘Ferris’, that can resonate to every reader, compact into a book with wonderful animations that will relate to any child. So looking forward to the rest of the series”

–  Shashi Kerai (Owner)
Primrose School of St. Charles West

“Two of my nieces are having babies in the spring. I thought “I’m Very Ferris” was a fabulous book to add to their libraries. The book is very easy to read and colorful. It’s a great story to help little ones know how special they are.”  

– Donna

I conceived my children through in vitro so this book has a special place in my heart.

– Dana

I’m Very Ferris is an inspiration to parent’s around the world! Whether you have experienced infertility or have been fortunate to not, I’m Very Ferris is a great opportunity to educate your child on the challenges that we face in the world and how with love and science, becoming a parent is possible! Great work!”

– DK

“Great book! Tess Kossow does an excellent job introducing the topic of IVF in a way that kids of young ages can easily understand. It outlines a nice and very factual storyline of a family and gives you great knowledge and you really feel for the families out there going through IVF. Highly recommend.

– Holly G.

“I think it’s so wonderful that people are starting to be more open about their personal lives as so many people can relate. People are able to go through difficult times not feeling completely alone, and I think this openess starts with our children. Raising them to feel comfortable with and to talk about sensitive subjects is so important and that is why it is so wonderful that this beautiful book was created.

– Stephanie

“I’m so thankful to have been introduced to this book! As an infertility advocate, I feel very passionate about spreading awareness and being candid about the struggles and unique journey those battling infertility face – and this book does just that but in the eyes of a child. The illustrations are adorable and the story clearly reflects the process so many find themselves in when trying to conceive. My husband and I can’t wait to share “I’m Very Ferris” with our little IVF babe. BIG kudos to Kossow for writing!!”

– Amelia

“Just wanted to thank you again for the book. It’s absolutely wonderful! I can’t wait to read it with my daughters when they’re a bit older and I can chat with them about how they came to be.”

– Jen

“I received this book directly from the author at a local event and am so proud of her bringing this subject to the surface. I’m inspired by her story and loved meeting the one and only Ferris. This is a wonderful story that can educate and inspire.”

– Michelle Mansfield

“I am very Ferris is a beautiful story about a little boy that was conceived through In-vitro fertilization (IVF). Ms. Kossow does a wonderful job explaining the story from a child’s perspective. The book is very well illustrated, and my 16 month old daughter loves the pictures.”

– Brenda Rock

“I loved this book, especially because the family resembles my own, with our sweet IVF baby boy! I love how it included a page referencing mommy needed lots of shots and surgery. Sometimes it can be forgotten what an IVF mother goes through to get her miracle baby and this sweet simple one page gesture touched my heart and hopefully IVF babies out there will know how much they were truly wanted. So happy there are books like this on the market! Xo”

– Proud IVF Mamma!

“I’m Very Ferris is written in a simple way for young children to understand something much more complicated. It’s a lovely story with a happy end, full of beautiful illustrations. I recommend it.”

– Eloise Edington, founder of Fertility Help Hub

Ferris is my last embryo and the answered prayer of faith, love and science through IVF.

I made the decision to compose the I’m Very Ferris series after leaving corporate America and, once-and-for-all jumping into the risk of starting my own company.

I am a mother, first and foremost, and everything else comes second.  I believe you really can have and achieve anything you want…but you are going to have to work for it and expect nothing to be handed to you. 

Meet Ferris

Inspired by my own sweet boy, Ferris, the I’m Very Ferris children’s book series was created so parents have an easy way to talk about IVF with their kids.

The first in the Ferris series is just a few weeks away from being published and the manuscript for the second book in the series is underway.

I searched everywhere for books written for children to help explain In Vitro Fertilization and I couldn’t find a single one – so I decided to write one!

After receiving such positive feedback on my early efforts, I not only completed the first manuscript but I’m also half way through the second book in the series!

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I‘m Very Ferris is just darling and such a heartwarming story that so many families can relate to. Tess has tackled such a delicate subject, forging a new path for parents to talk about the journey of IVF with their kids. The captivating, whimsical illustrations are just icing on the cake for this amazing book!” 

– Lindsay Chan


I'm Very Ferris

I'm Very Ferris is the exciting entrance to a children's series that takes the delicate discussion of In Vitro Fertilization and makes it understandable and relatable through the eyes of a child.  Follow along with Ferris as he brings you into his little world and shares the adventure of his life and how he came to be.

I'm Very Ferris Takes a Bubble Bath

In the second installment in the I'm Very Ferris series.  Splash along with Ferris as he brings you into his latest adventure...a bubble bath!  Children will fall in love with this relatable bath time story all the while understanding what IVF is in a fun picture book series.

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