Tess Kossow

Mom. Entrepreneur. Author.

Ferris is my last embryo and the answered prayer of faith, love and science through IVF.

I made the decision to compose the I’m Very Ferris series after leaving corporate America and, once-and-for-all jumping into the risk of starting my own company.

I am a mother, first and foremost, and everything else comes second.  I believe you really can have and achieve anything you want…but you are going to have to work for it and expect nothing to be handed to you. 

Meet Ferris

Inspired by my own sweet boy, Ferris, the I’m Very Ferris children’s book series was created so parents have an easy way to talk about IVF with their kids.

The first in the Ferris series is just a few weeks away from being published and the manuscript for the second book in the series is underway.

I searched everywhere for books written for children to help explain In Vitro Fertilization and I couldn’t find a single one – so I decided to write one!

After receiving such positive feedback on my early efforts, I not only completed the first manuscript but I’m also half way through the second book in the series!

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One Love

Ferris is turning one on April 20th.  My baby boy will have breathed life into his body, and Dan and mine essentially, for one full year on this incredible planet.  I have had some people say, “Do you miss your baby?”  Other people, “Are you sad?”  Still others, “Slow...

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Hope Is Not A Strategy

When the doctor told Dan and I that we had less than 1% chance of conceiving on our own naturally, we did not “hope for a miracle.” We talked, we prayed, and we made the financial decision to go with IVF as the one and only chance we would have for me to carry a baby.

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When IVF Doesn’t Work

It was a dark and difficult time when every needle, every blood test, every shot, every pill, every internal exam, every modified diet, every time someone else exclaimed they were pregnant or trying, every time someone told me “I know what you are going through,” every time someone said, “well you only wanted one baby, and you have one embryo left,”…

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I‘m Very Ferris is just darling and such a heartwarming story that so many families can relate to. Tess has tackled such a delicate subject, forging a new path for parents to talk about the journey of IVF with their kids. The captivating, whimsical illustrations are just icing on the cake for this amazing book!” 

– Lindsay Chan


I'm Very Ferris

I'm Very Ferris is the exciting entrance to a children's series that takes the delicate discussion of In Vitro Fertilization and makes it understandable and relatable through the eyes of a child.  Follow along with Ferris as he brings you into his little world and shares the adventure of his life and how he came to be.

I'm Very Ferris Takes a Bubble Bath

In the second installment in the I'm Very Ferris series.  Splash along with Ferris as he brings you into his latest adventure...a bubble bath!  Children will fall in love with this relatable bath time story all the while understanding what IVF is in a fun picture book series.

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